Traditional Pillows

Only our design combines the pressure-relieving comfort of TEMPUR material with a classic rectangular shape, allowing you to fluff and puff your pillow just the way you like it. Each model has its own unique combination of cover and comfort level, and fits easily into a standard pillow case.

Ergonomic Pillows

Specially contoured to help align your neck, head and shoulders in a variety of sleeping positions, an ergonomic pillow will supply unsurpassed support and pressure relief, helping muscles relax completely for deeper more restful sleep. Whatever your needs TEMPUR has a pillow that is right for you.

Mattress Toppers

An ideal way to give yourself a taste of Tempur comfort. You can use a mattress topper on top of any mattress in good condition to provide extra cushioned layer to give yourself a better night's sleep.

Protectors and Quilts

The TEMPUR-FIT™ Mattress Protector is a 'must have' to keep your bed nice and fresh. And then there's the TEMPUR-FIT™ Quilt which uses new technology to keep you cool in Summer yet warm in Winter.