TEMPUR® Sensation Mattress 21

Experience the sensation of a traditional spring mattress whilst still enjoying all the benefits of the unique support and comfort you have come to expect from TEMPUR. The Sensation 21 features a specially cut durable case which gives easy movement.

TEMPUR® Sensation Deluxe Mattress 22

The TEMPUR® Sensation Deluxe Mattress 22 is a fusion of the traditional feel of springs with the renowned benefits of TEMPUR comfort, support and pressure relieving properties. Combining stylish new covers with the specially developed TEMPUR® HM (high mobility) support material, experience the best of both worlds - the traditional and the technological - for a great night's sleep.

TEMPUR® Cloud Deluxe Mattress 27

If you've only ever had a spring mattress but would like to experience the comfort and support which TEMPUR® is famous for, then this range is perfect for you. The Sensation Deluxe 27 has a cleverly engineered cut durable base, aimed at delivering more 'bounce' than you get with a typical TEMPUR mattress. Combine this feel of traditional springing with dual layers of TEMPUR soft touch and High Mobility materials, all encased in a new soft quilted cover embedded with luxurious TEMPUR ES (extra soft), and you have a mattress made to deliver the best of both worlds for a restful night's sleep.