Himolla Healthy Sitting – The perfect combination of Health and Comfort

The most frequent cause of illness-related absenteeism in Europe is mainly back problems. There are many different causes of spinal conditions, including incorrect personal behaviour, poor diet, inadequate exercise, negative psychic stress, surroundings that are not conducive to good posture etc.

Today people spend much more time sitting than just a few decades ago. Whether at school, in the office or in front of the television: sitting is stressful for your back. Pressure on the vertical discs is 40-90% higher when sitting than when standing, depending on the position. It is therefore not surprising that back trouble has become the number one most widespread ailment among the population today.

Ergonomically correct products, that is, products which promote good posture, such as upholstered furniture and reclining chairs play an important role in the prevention and treatment of backache.

Himolla chairs and sofas provide ergonomically moulded backrest padding for healthy, relaxed sitting. Maximum stress is removed from the vertebral column and the neck is supported – creating a totally new sitting experience.

The Himolla Product range has been awarded the Seal of Approval by AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücke which translates as The Association for the Campaign for Healthier back). The ARG is a German association made up of an independent expert committee of different medical disciplines who reviews products according to requirement catalogues and awards the AGR seal of approval to back-friendly products that have passed successfully through this strict procedure. For the consumer, the seal of approval provides valuable assistance in the search for appropriate back-friendly products and helps to prevent expensive mispurchases. For more information on ARG log onto www.agr-ev.de

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