Himolla Design and Function

The age-old adage that “form follows function” has never been more true than it is today. The functionality of Himolla furniture is the foundation on which everything else is based. In real terms, it’s the aesthetic integration of innovative comfort technology into the design of upholstered furniture collections. The result is superior ergonomic seating comfort combined with attractive design - an unbeatable combination!

  • There is a wide range of leather and fabric upholstery options to choose from to give your Himolla recliner its own unique personality.
  • The integrated dynamic lumbar support promotes good posture and permits healthy, relaxed sitting. It adjusts automatically to a change of sitting or lying position.
  • The swing frame in Zerostress models permits stepless gliding motion to any one of your favourite positions and the turning ring permits 360 degree rotation in any direction.
  • The flexible headrest automatically adjusts to your sitting position: Whether you are watching TV, relaxing or sitting upright.
  • The top-quality tempered steel no-sag sub-springing ensures high loading capacity and durability.
  • The steel frame lends the Himolla recliner an extraordinary degree of stability coupled with maximum flexibility.
  • Your favourite position can be reached quickly and simply using the two side handles.
  • The attractive frame made of beech guarantees a high level of stability and is available in a range of different stain colours
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