Himolla Guaranteed Exceptional Quality

Himolla, the manufacturers of the Zerostress and Cumuly brands have been making quality upholstered furniture in Bavaria, Germany since 1928. During this time they have earned themselves the reputation as Europe’s ultimate in quality, comfort, technology and choice.

With a workforce of over 1,000 people producing almost 1,600 pieces of upholstered furniture each days from an 830,000 sq ft factory in Taufkirchen-Vils in South Bavaria, the scale and sophistication of this enterprise is truly outstanding.Through the use of only the very best materials, and complying with the stringent quality guidelines of the "German Association of Quality Furniture”, the Himolla finished product is one of exceptional quality. It is this exceptional quality which gives Himolla the confidence to provide all Cumuly and Zerostress products with a three-way-5-year guarantee. This 5 year guarantee applies to the following three areas:

All upholstery fabrics and all Longlife leathers 
Upholstery, sub-springing and sprung interiors
Frames and stationary bearing components

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