For more than 100 years, Harrison have been making bespoke beds of the highest quality, using only the finest materials. Meticulous attention to detail, traditional values of excellence coupled with innovative design and unique pocket spring systems means that every bed we create offers you the ultimate sleeping experience. Years of experience and traditional techniques go into creating each bed and you can take assurance from the 10 year warranty provided on each one.

The pocket spring units are secured by stitching them to the mattress borders. This side stitching adds strength and provides support which in turn increases its longevity. Side stitching works in turn with a firmer spring in the outer edge of the mattress and the True Edge base which together provide a firmer edge to your bed allowing you effective use of the mattress surface right to the edge and an easy transition on and off the bed.

Sumptuous natural fillings are hand teased or blended and layered upon the springs before adding the top and bottom damask covers. These natural layers are held in place with woolen tufts and secured to the border by the tape edge creating a soft, luxurious sleep surface.