Topper Technology

Advanced Spring Technology

Every Topped and Tailored bed offers the ultimate in support through Harrison’s innovative and unique spring systems. Inside each mattress, layers of different pocket springs work together giving a superior feel and distribute your weight across the greater number of springs thus reducing the build up of pressure points which can cause sleep disturbance. Within the Topped and Tailored Bed collection there are a number of different “topper” technologies.

Integral Top

Integral TopThe integral mattress topper is featured in the Haven mattress and contains a layer of contura combined with a layer of cotton/wool blend and a layer of pressure relieving pocket mini springs. This creates a mattress which will remain supportive and comfortable throughout the lifetime of the bed.


PillowtopThe Paradise mattress benefits from a luxurious, soft yet comfortable cushion above the supportive pocket spring core mattress. The layers of pressure relieving mini pocket springs provide a unique point of difference to the Topped and Tailored collection and work against the natural settlement of the upholstery fillings ensuring the pillowtop maintains its loftiness without having to turn the mattress.


BoxtopThe sumptuous natural fillings and generous layers of mini pocket springs create a profoundly relaxing sleep experience that truly sets the Eden mattress apart. The multiple layers of mini pocket springs not only contour and support the natural curves of your body but also never lose their height, guaranteeing that the mattress will remain soft and sumptuous throughout the lifetime of the bed.

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