Advanced Spring Technology

When choosing your bed, there are two key areas to consider: comfort and support.

A restful night is achieved by sleeping on a bed which correctly supports your body. The Bedtailor and Topped & Tailored ranges are designed around our unique Revolution Pocket Spring System which sits at the core of each mattress. This offers unrivalled levels of support by contouring perfectly with your body. Each spring unit is able to react completely independently. This in turn eliminates “roll together” and further improves mattress life.

Advanced Spring Technology

Our award winning “spring within a spring” design can only be found in Harrison Beds. A larger pocket spring with an additional smaller pocket spring nestling inside provides additional tension when more pressure is applied, meaning you get exactly the right amount of extra support when and where it is needed, whilst the outer spring remains soft and responsive against your body.

In conjunction with Harrison’s further advanced spring technologies, that of Posturfil and HD Spring System, the innovative arrangement of spring layers allows the mattress to respond to the size, weight and sleeping pattern of each individual, giving perfect alignment, a pre-requisite to a comfortable night’s sleep.


Inside each evenly positioned pocket coil is a second smaller spring that settles at the base of the outer spring. This unique spring has a soft comfortable feel that responds to variable pressures. Two springs half the workload and ensure the system continues to support you properly for the lifetime of the bed.


As the name suggests, Posturfil is a mini pocket spring layer which offers support to the natural arch of the lumbar region. It is a cross between a spring and a filling and is a superior, recyclable alternative to polyurethane foam used in many other mattresses. As the spring is under tension within the pocket, it never loses height and is an important element of retaining the loft of the mattress.

High Density (HD Spring System)

Similar to Posturfil, but has more than twice as many springs. HD has a lesser diameter and a smaller height and is the world’s first pressure relieving pocket spring, moving freely with the contours of your body and providing exceptional comfort and support. When used in multiple layers, HD gives a really deep , sumptuous feel, minimizing the settlement of natural fillings.

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