Natural Fillings

Harrison is dedicated to using all natural fillings within the Topped and Tailored range, replacing the need to use man-made fillings such as foam and polyester which are damaging to the environment.

The Harrison sheep yield pure grade wool that is thick, strong and resilient, a natural insulator perfect for mattress fillings. Combining this with cashmere, mohair, cotton, silk and hempure, layers of the finest natural fillings allow your mattress to breathe, absorb moisture and regulate body temperature whilst at the same time providing soft, hygienic and luxurious support.

To complement the pure new wool fillings, Harrison have developed Hempure, a blend of hemp and either wool or cashmere hair, that makes a strong and absorbent mattress filling. Grown without pesticides, the hemp plant absorbs carbon dioxide making Hempure contribute to reversing climate change.

The Benefits of Natural Fillings

Wool: Soft and Springy, inherently flame resistant and anti-bacterial. Wool naturally has a long lasting, supportive composition and is a wonderful insulator to keep you warm and dry whilst helping regulate body temperature.

Cotton: Soft, fluffy and highly absorbent, cotton is excellent at wicking away moisture from the body and keeping you cool.

Egyptian cotton: The softest and finest cotton used in mattresses. With longer length finer strands, it is even more effective at wicking away moisture.

Mohair: Even softer and smoother than wool, Mohair is a fine silk like fibre giving a luxurious feel.

Cashmere Hair: The outer layer of the double fleece produced by the Cashmere goat is resilient, durable and springy while having a soft feel.

Cashmere Wool: The fine soft under-down of the Cashmere goat is strong and yet soft in texture which provides insulation without bulk.

Horse hair: Providing durability and loft, horse hair is springy, hardwearing, flexible and versatile for blending with other fibres to provide a sumptuous fillings layer.

Long Loose Strand Hair: The natural bounce and curl of these fibres offers loft and sumptuous comfort while being resilient and durable.

Hempure: Derived from the hemp plant and grown without pesticide, hempure is resilient and excellent for regulating body temperature. Hemp absorbs carbon dioxide making hempure contribute towards reversing climate change.

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