Comfort from Nature

Out in the peaceful Yorkshire countryside, Harrison has been working on new ways to develop natural fillings and reduce their impact on the environment.

Their dedication to crafting beautiful beds extends beyond the manufacturing process to producing their own fillings. To this end, they have invested in their own farm, where they raise sheep for the best quality wool and grow crops to make the exclusive Hempure fibre.

The Harrison sheep yield pure grade wool that is thick, strong and resilient. A natural insulator perfect for mattress fillings, Harrison wool keeps you warm and dry while helping to regulate your body temperature.

To complement the pure new wool fillings, they have developed Hempure, a natural fibre that makes a strong and absorbent mattress filling. Grown without pesticides, the hemp plant absorbs carbon dioxide making Hempure contribute to reversing climate change.

Sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable, their homegrown fillings are the obvious environmentally friendly options.

Situated only 20 miles away from their manufacturing base, the farm is not only conveniently close but also reduces the carbon footprint as the fillings only have a short distance to travel to the factory.

Running their own farm allows Harrison to maintain the integrity of what they produce and guarantee quality control. Harrison’s ethos of comfort from nature goes hand in hand with their commitment to environmentally friendly processes.

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