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TEMPUR® your Best night's Sleep starts here

Choose your Perfect Tempur Mattress

TEMPUR believe that whatever your shape, size or age, your mattress should contour to the exact shape of your body, not the other way around. That’s why they have created three distinct mattress collections each feeling uniquely different, but all designed to provide truly personalised support.

  • Tempur Original Mattress Collection: Designed for a firmer feel
  • Tempur Cloud Mattress Collection: Designed for a softer feel
  • Tempur Sensation Mattress Collection: Designed for ease of movement

At Sienna, we have a dedicated Sleep Room, where our fully trained experts will be delighted to help you find the perfect mattress for you.

Tempur Original
Designed for a firmer feel

The TEMPUR® material was originally developed by NASA to relieve the pressure experienced by astronauts during lift off. These pressure relieving qualities provide the core benefits of a TEMPUR® Original Mattress with a firmer feel

Tempur Cloud
Designed for a softer feel

The TEMPUR® Cloud Mattress Collection offers an innovative balance of softness and support. It combines the unique TEMPUR® material with a newly developed, softer, comfort layer for a feeling of instant relaxation.

Tempur Sensation
Designed for ease of movement

The TEMPUR® Sensation Mattress Collection provides the familiar feel of a traditional spring mattress combined with amazing comfort and support. All mattresses in this collection have a specially cut, base layer for a more traditional feel.

What if your body felt so perfectly relaxed, almost as if you were floating? TEMPUR mattresses conform and adapt to the exact shape of your body and support you in a way that makes you feel completely weightless. The unique TEMPUR material is soft where you want it, and firm where you need itTM. You can find your most comfortable position and are supported there perfectly, so you can wake up ready for the day ahead.

Tempur Mattresses and Tempur Beds are now available at Sienna Home Furnishing. At Sienna, we have the complete range of Tempur Mattresses, Tempur Beds and Pillows on display and our staff are fully trained to help you choose the correct mattress and bed to suit you.

Tempur Bed Bases

Tempur Bed Bases

The ideal sleep experience combines form as well as function. Combine a high quality bed base with your TEMPUR mattress to fully enjoy the superb comfort and support it provides. Our fantastic range of bed designs provide not only a great night’s sleep, but also the perfect aesthetic solution for your bedroom. more »

Why buy Tempur

Once you have slept on a TEMPUR mattress and pillow, you realise there is no comparison. The TEMPUR temperature sensitive-material confirms to the shape of your body. It reduces the discomfort caused by pressure points by re-distributing pressure so you can immediately relax into your most comfortable sleeping position and remain there fully supported. TEMPUR products are recognised and purchased by hospitals, nursing homes and sleep centres worldwide for the comfort and superior support they provide. more »

Pillows & Accessories

Cradle your head, neck and shoulders with supportive, pressure relieving comfort. Choosing the right pillow can improve how well your body is positioned at night, affecting the quality of your sleep. more Pillows & Accessories »

Outstanding Comfort And Support