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Each bed in the Harrison collections can be custom built to meet your exact requirements: a truly bespoke service.

At Sienna, we are dedicated to finding quality products for our customers that offer the latest innovations in sleep technology, high quality craftsmanship and value for money. For these reasons, we have partnered with Harrison Beds and you can experience the most extensive range of Harrison Beds in Ireland, in our dedicated Sleep Room at the Sienna showroom, where our sleep experts are always available to help you make the right choices.

Harrison Beds

Harrison Beds Features

Harrison Beds Features
  • Natural Fillings
  • Revolution Pocket Spring System
  • Bespoke Service – choice of width, length, height and tension
  • Winter and Summer mattress sides
  • Anti-bacterial mattress fabrics
  • True Edge Base in Choice of Colours

Comfort from Nature

Out in the peaceful Yorkshire countryside, Harrison has been working on new ways to develop natural fillings and reduce their impact on the environment.

Their dedication to crafting beautiful beds extends beyond the manufacturing process to producing their own fillings. To this end, they have invested in their own farm, where they raise sheep for the best quality wool and grow crops to make the exclusive Hempure fibre. more »

Harrison Bespoke Service

At Harrison Beds, they understand that a bed specifically tailored to your exact requirements is essential to restful sleep and your own personal sense of well-being. No two people are the same, which means the individual qualities we require from a bed differ from person to person. more »

Handmade Quality & Craftsmanship

For more than 100 years, Harrison have been making bespoke beds of the highest quality, using only the finest materials. Meticulous attention to detail, traditional values of excellence coupled with innovative design and unique pocket spring systems... more »

Health and Wellbeing - Harrison Beds

How you feel during your waking hours depends on how well you sleep at night. Harrison has developed a number of feautures that can improve the quality of your sleeping environment.

Warmside / Coolside Technology: Unique to the BedTailor range, the warmside/coolside technology incorporates a wool blend on the warm for winter side and cool cotton or crisp Egyptian cotton.

Purotex - Your mattress cover is finished with a natural probiotic microflora that neutralises allergens and suppresses bad bacteria. An exciting green technology new to Harrison Beds to create a healthy sleeping environment.

Advanced Spring Technology

When choosing your bed, there are two key areas to consider: comfort and support. A restful night is achieved by sleeping on a bed which correctly supports your body. The Bedtailor and Topped & Tailored ranges are designed around our unique Revolution Pocket Spring System... more »